Thursday, April 29, 2010


Learn: Cross Cultural comparisons
-Learn the different methods of hand drying (air, linen)
-learn the different methods of composting and recycling

Look: Tours
-Take a tour with the University of Oregon recycling program with a student employee and learn the process and time it takes to transport, distribute and sort paper products in order for it to become recycled.

Ask: 5 whys?
-Why should people recycle?
-Why do people choose not to recycle?
-Why aren't there recycling options in the bathroom?
-Why do people choose paper towels as their first alternative to drying hands?
-Why dont people compost?

Try: Role playing
- Reenact someone not recycling and observe the reaction of the other people around them. When given the option, will people recycle? will they feel pressure to recycle the same way people feel pressured to wash their hands when someone is watching?

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