Sunday, May 9, 2010

group poster: trash talkers

after a intense critque about the difference between recycling and composting we learned that we can only choose to do one or the other. we decided to go with composting paper towels. this would have it so our composting units be labeled with paper towel only, trash and returnable bottles and cans. by choosing those three main groups it would allow some separation of materials but do not account for recycling or paper products, the disposal of rubber, latex of fabrics.
from our research we discovered that 90% of all bathroom trash is paper towel, instead we decided to have the paper towel be disposed into a designated paper towel secotion that can be taken to the university of oregon composting program. we will be lining the trash cans with biotuf bags that are light sensitive and biodegrade within 90 days.
we are still trying to figure out the design problem of separating trash and paper products without creating too many confusing and annoying compartments at the same time creating a product that is easy for the person emptying and sorting trash to use.

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